The Twin Cities Mountain Bike Patrol is a non-profit organization that serves two primary purposes, Off-Road Trail Patrol and Event Medical Support.

Off-Road Trail Patrol

The Twin Cities Mountain Bike Patrol is a group dedicated to supporting local mountain bike trail systems by Assisting, Educating and Informing users of the trail.


Help trail users when they are in need of assistance. This may be medical emergencies, basic bike repair, giving directions or simply helping find the trailhead.


Many users of the trail may not know how the trails came to be, what organizations are responsible for trail building and maintenance or why the trails are built the way they are. The goal of our patrollers will be to explain to trail users who would like more information about the trail how it all works.


Provide information about the current conditions of the trail, local events or other important information that would be helpful to trail users and their use of the trail system.

The Twin Cities Mountain Bike Patrol works in tandem with local mountain bike trail advocacy groups and land managers.

Event Medical Support

Our group is available to help provide mobile medical support on bicycles for events in and around the Twin Cities Metro Area. We provide support for bicycle events, running events, ski events or any other type of event where mobile medical support is needed.

Contact us if you are interested in having us provide medical support for your event.

Board Officers:

President: Scott Stammer –

Vice-President: Steven Levey

Treasurer: Mara Larson


Meeting Minutes:

January 24th, 2019

April 25th, 2019