Patrolling Events

There are many types of events the TCMBP patrols such as bicycle rides and races, ski races, running events, triathlons and so on. When patrolling these events it is important to act professional and be prepared. Each event will have a lead patroller. The lead patroller will be the main organizer and the person you report to.

When patrolling events the following items are required.

  • Radios (either the patrols or provided by event)
  • Medical Kit
  • AED (per person or 1 per team of 2 if enough are available)
  • Red Patrol Jersey
  • Bike Plate
  • Helmet
  • Well maintained bicycle (If an off-road event ride a mountain bike)

Duties while patrolling events.

  • Provide medical assistance where needed.
  • Minor crowd control (radio event staff or 911 is severe crowd issues).
  • Provide information to participants.
  • Any other duties agreed upon with events promoters.

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